Upstate South Carolina (The Electric City)

The Journey

The old story of ‘how I got here’ stems from early experiences and observations of amazing ‘things’ birthed from virtually nothing. Creativity and designing was unavoidably felt somewhere in and around the home. I’ve watched over their shoulders to see ideas shape metal material to functioning objects; designs stitch plain fabric into everyday essentials and clothing; creativity re-appropriate ordinary items into fun, interactive, and extraordinary games; imagination turn bland sheets of paper into meaningful and visually striking drawings; and artistic expression retune common melodies, reinterpreting them to a new auditory delight. For me, it was this taking of a vision or idea (or raw data) to something that was useful, necessary, and purposeful (approachable information). And through these experiences, a sense of awareness for detail, work ethics, diligence and persistence was also instilled.

On a more academic note, high school art classes introduced me to charcoal drawing and the fine arts. Undergrad furthered my fine arts studies and introduced me to the world of design. Now after attending SCAD, my understanding of design and its boundless possibilities has matured significantly.

I credit all mentioned above in combination with great conversations and stories as well as my multi-disciplinary interest including music, programming, industrial tech. science, etc as big influences in how I can view and use design.

Other Interest

…well, just about anything else that's interesting and worth exploring. I’m just a curious person.


  • MFA, Graphic Design—Savannah College of Art and Design, 2013
    (SCAD was quite an exciting and intense experience)
  • BFA, Visual Communications, 2007
  • AA, University Transfer + Computer Science, 2004
  • And lastly, the essential lessons of life learned through experiences of mostly the family, slightly the community, and partly of my own.

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