Featured WOI Project: ionDESK
WorkinOnIt is reserved space within my online portfolio for projects and/or assignments where I am currently at any time well…, WorkinOnIt! (Projects In Development). In this space, I’m sharing the wrongs, rights and multi-directionality of my process, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and whatever else involved in presenting a clear idea of the process, decision making, and journey to the solution. The term also describes my continuous pursuit to better and grow as a participant in the interdisciplinary design field.

Featured WOI Project: ionDESK

This ionDESK project is in full development for a software product that serves as a trading platform for the stock market traders. The mark came about as a design that reflected the product as well as the industry in which it was developed. The mark is strong and presents a level of strength and security through the boldness, which works to instill confidents in the users to employ the product in order to increase their earnings. It encompasses the initials of ionDESK (iD) through the fitting of the lowercase “i” into the stem of the uppercase “D”. A distinction is drawn in the separation of the characters through contrasting hues. Another distinction can be seen through the breaking apart of the characters at the upper left corner to reflect the “ions” which represents the various tools the product houses as well as work to represent the bullish and bearish movements of the stock market.


Adobe Illustrator

close gestalt oriented mark